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Why do business with Custom Wholesale Floors or Wood Pro Inc.?

Wood Pro Inc. and Custom Wholesale Floors have over 65 years in the flooring industry combined, servicing the floor covering dealer as well as the professional flooring contractor in both the northeast and southeast United States . Strong management, high quality products, unmatched customer service and a focus on selling product lines that are important to us, has made us a great partner and the choice of many of the industries top vendors.

Many of the partnerships we have with our suppliers are ones which have grown because of many years of a mutually profitable relationship.  We believe strongly that we must work together with our suppliers as a team, so the relationship can be successful for both parties.  This is what we believe is the key to long term success for both our suppliers and ourselves.

We offer our suppliers 10 strategically located facilities which allows us to service the customer base more efficiently and effectively.  Each one of our branch sales people has extensive knowledge of the products we sell, as well as troubleshooting skills and industry expertise.  Each employee is empowered to make decisions, handle customers and solve complaints, while giving the best customer service we can offer.  Many of our branch employees have worked as delivery or warehouse personnel at CWF and have worked their way up the ranks.  Employee tenure is crucial to our success and allows us to offer our suppliers and customers a stable environment, where we are all focused on selling product.

Branch employees maintain great relationships with the flooring dealers & professional floor installers and can help them with whatever needs they may have. Flooring Contractors are extremely important to CWF and to the building  and remodeling market.  Flooring contractors offer many products and services that others do not, including personal service, free estimates, product installations, Sand & finish, maintenance products, and service after the sale.

Our suppliers are not another product line on the shelves.  Each is vitally important to our operation and success, and we feel it is our duty to focus on selling their products. We do not take on products just to tie up their distribution. We engage in thorough due diligence to insure that a new supplier will be the right fit for not only our success, but the new suppliers success as well.

We also have dedicated territory representatives who are calling on floor covering dealers. Because we only promote a select group of products to the floor covering dealer, each supplier we represent plays an important role in our strategy.  The dealer segment is difficult and dominated by low cost providers. We look at it as our duty to promote value added products, that will help the dealer compete in the industry against the competitive forces they are up against. 

We also target the Commercial market with Commercial Only Sales Representatives who are calling on the Architect & Design Community, Commercial contractors, colleges, hospitals etc.  Selling to each of these customer segments allows us to sell your products into any environment.

We operate our own fleet of trucks that not only deliver to dealer showrooms or to contractor job sites, but transfer product back and forth from each of our facilities, which allows us to offer incredible customer service by utilizing our inventory more efficiently.

Bottom line, we offer a focused approach to our vendors, stability of our employees, efficient and effective inventory and customer service, with a dedicated sales team, both internally and externally, which allows us to successfully target all customer segments. And we love purchase discounts, so we will always pay you quickly.


Please contact us to discuss how we can become partners in success in the future.

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