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Would you like a warm, quiet floor on which you can walk comfortably and which compliments your current decor? Should this flooring also be easy to clean and always look as good as new? Ipocork cork flooring will fulfill your requirements perfectly.
In addition to traditional patterns, why not experience the newly designed collection of colored cork floors with an inspiring selection of contemporary colors, from which you can select exactly the right floor for your home. Ipocork cork flooring is the ultimate comfort for
the home.
Cork is harvested from the renewable bark of the corkoak tree and is a completely natural product. The trees are not damaged or felled during the harvest – meaning a 100% ecological product that meets the requirements to protect and conserve the environment. In cork oak plantations, the first cork bark will not be harvested from a tree until it is 25 years old.

Today, cork oaks are stripped of their bark by hand in the same way they traditionally have been for several hundred years. The trees are not damaged in the harvest and the bark grows back completely time and again, taking on a smoother texture after each harvest.
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