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Aerosmith SurePIN ™ CT-90

Defining the Standard for Steel & Concrete Fastening

The Model 90 tool that started it all just keeps getting better.  Aerosmith's SurePIN™ CT90 has been redesighed for easier, faster, more flexible, and lower cost plywood to concrete fastening. 
  1. Easily fasten subfloor, underlayment and sleepers to concrete.
  2. Best method for fastening plywood, 1x's, 2x's and more to concrete.
  3. Designed with a flat front end a rear magazine to opereta closer to walls.
  4. New padded grip for greater user comfort.
  5. Precision depth control.
  6. Smooth, rounded tool design protects finished walls.
  7. Rapid payback.
  8. Lease options available. 
SurePIN™ CT90 Systems Reliability and Consistency makes it the Perfect Tool for Installing Subfloors under Hardwood and Tile. 
SurePIN™ CT90 Performs Faster and with Less Cost than Screw Anchors or Powder Actuated Tools.  
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