Tile & Flooring Underlayment

With a moisture vapor permeance of less than 1, Aquabar "B" is a superior vapor retarder under wood flooring applications. Aquabar "B" helps slow moisture vapor originating below the floor system, allowing the wood flooring to acclimate gradually. By reducing the rate of moisture migration, Aquabar "B" protects agains moisture vapor related floor problems such as buckling, cupping or cracking. As a semi-permeable material, Aquabar "B" is much less likely than common poly film to trap moisture condensation between it and the sub-floor. Aquabar "B" also acts as a "slip sheet" to minimize dust and reduce noise.

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About Sample

Hardwood flooring is a product of nature.  Each individual board has its own uniqueness in color, grain and characteristics.  The variations in color and grain shown in the sample may not represent the true characteristics of the actual flooring.


About Photo

Product photos and website images are to offer an impression and examples of the appearance of the floor.  The color, grain and character variations shown may vary from actual flooring due to the limitations in the reproduction of photography or the monitor resolutions.      



As natural hardwood flooring ages and is exposed to sunlight over time, the color and shade of the wood is subject to change.  Displayed Samples to some degrees are changed in shade due to the photosensitivity.  The change is normal for any wood products and it adds depths in color and enhances the natural beauty of the wood.