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Hardwood Floor Care

Investing in a Hardwood floor is one of the best investments you can make for your home as it enhances both it’s beauty and value. Caring for your floor is safe and simple with a few basic preservation principles.

Close compliance with these maintenance and preservation guidelines is a determining factor in warranty application.

Water is enemy #1 for wood flooring. Wipe up spilled water, liquids or detergents before they are absorbed by the wood fibers. The combined effect of water and sand is devastating to flooring. This is why it is important to place floor mats at each doorway and in high traffic areas in the kitchen and in front of the sink, dishwasher and work areas.
Maintain relative humidity between 40 % and 50% and an ambient temperature of 74˚ F in the home in order to stabilize the internal humidity of the wood.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove without delay all abrasive substances (sand, slivers of glass, salt, etc.) that would scratch the finish. Frequent vacuuming is recommended to eliminate abrasive dust accumulating on the surface and between the boards.
Clean using “Bona Kemi’s” specially adapted wood floor cleaner on a clean cloth or the “Bona Kemi” Floor mop and wipe the surface.
Never use wax, household detergents or oil-based soaps on the floor. These products may damage the finish and leave a greasy film, making the floor slippery and difficult to maintain afterwards. Mixtures of water and vinegar are not recommended for cleaning flooring, since vinegar has an oxidizing effect on urethane over a long period of time.
Glue felt pads to the legs of furniture and chairs to avoid scratching flooring when objects are moved. Avoid rolling chairs with casters on the finished surface.
Avoid wearing high heeled shoes on hardwood floors as they can mar the surface. Heel surfaces are so small that the pressure exerted can easily reach 3500 pounds per square inch.
Do not drag furniture or heavy objects across the finished your ability to compete. Bona’s innovative dust containment systems provide:

Increased customer satisfaction virtually eliminates the nightmare of dust throughout the home.
Higher quality results – by eliminating airborne dust that would settle back down into the finish.
Healthier working conditions – wood dust is a know carcinogen.
No time consuming plastic to hang
No costly cleanup.
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