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Where do you go for the world’s most complete line of proven, high-quality finishes for all kinds of wood floors? No question. Go Basic. For 19 years, we’ve made the easy-to-work-with solutions more professionals turn to for beauty, durability and affordability – not to mention outstanding field support.

Whenever you have a question or a technical need of any kind, just call. You can count on Basic people to provide you with the answers and information you’re looking for.
We pride ourselves on having the best product training knowledge available in the floor finishing industry. And we’re committed to delivering the industry’s finest service and support, too.

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About Sample

Hardwood flooring is a product of nature.  Each individual board has its own uniqueness in color, grain and characteristics.  The variations in color and grain shown in the sample may not represent the true characteristics of the actual flooring.


About Photo

Product photos and website images are to offer an impression and examples of the appearance of the floor.  The color, grain and character variations shown may vary from actual flooring due to the limitations in the reproduction of photography or the monitor resolutions.      



As natural hardwood flooring ages and is exposed to sunlight over time, the color and shade of the wood is subject to change.  Displayed Samples to some degrees are changed in shade due to the photosensitivity.  The change is normal for any wood products and it adds depths in color and enhances the natural beauty of the wood.