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Acoustic Underlayment

Glued down engineered word floor above 6” concrete flooring, no acoustic ceiling, field data:
  • FIIC 57- Impact Insulation Class Rating (ASTM E1007-97)
  • FSTC 55- Sound Transmission Class Rating (ASTM E3365-97)
Floating laminate flooring over 8” wood joist, no acoustic ceiling, lab data:
  • IIC 58- Impact Insulation Class Raiting (ASTM E492-90)
  • STC 52- Sound Transmission Class Raiting (ASTM-E90-97)
Recommended for use under laminate, engineered wood, and selected hardwood floors.
  • Fast and easy to install, either glued or floating
  • Moisture proof barrier – includes its own metallized foil film DeciBLOK MC (for floating floors) only
  • Recommended for use over concrete (above and below grade) and wood sub floors.
  • Smoothes out minor sub floor irregularities
  • Improves resistance to indentations
  • Improves comfort level by adding firm cushion support under hard laminates
  • Provides significant reduction to impact noise in the room and floor below
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal, non-allergenic, resists mildew, mold and odors
  • No more toxic than wood, the accepted industry standard
  • Will not degrade over radiant heated floors, tested to 150 F
  • Meets Carpet and Rug Institute 9CRI0 and Carpet Cushion Council (CCC) standars for indoor air quality
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