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Wood Floor Finishes

For over fifty years, Lenmar has been a leader in supplying quality wood finishes to the wood flooring industry. We are committed to offering the professional wood floor finisher products that are durable and easy to apply, while maintaining compliance within the changing environmental landscape. To this end, Lenmar offers complete polyurethane lines at three VOC levels, Lenmar’s standard polyurethane line at 550 VOC, our Low VOC polyurethanes line at 450 VOC, and the new Enviro350™ line at 350 VOC. In addition, Lenmar offers the ECH2O™ water based product lines, in both one and two component formulations. These ecologically friendly waterborne systems are low in VOC, yet maintain excellent application characteristics and quick drying times. To complete the product offering, Lenmar supplies CourtTime™ gymnasium floor finishes, Fastlink™ Swedish floor finishes, Quickstain™ stain systems and a variety of other sealers, solvents and associated products for the flooring industry.
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