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Pallmann Machines

Pallmann Machines

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Since 1900 PALLMANN has been using the latest technology available in the wood floor installation market.  PALLMANN is constantly working on low-emission products, ergonomic tools, and elimination of solvents to provide the very best in both performance and working conditions for the hardwood flooring contractor.  We also share resources from our other sister bands, WOLFF TOOLS and UZIN, to bring contractors a system-based product approach to any wood flooring project.  

PALLMANN's full range offer of product based system solutions specially developed for the preparation, installation, surface treatment and care of hardwood floors.  PALLMANN has become the only credible full-system solution for hte hardwood flooring professional.  The products we offer include leveling compounds, moisture mitigation products, adhesives, sanding machines, sealers, finishes and care and maintenance products.
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