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Taylor Lumber produces all of our lumber from the highest-grade Appalachian forest logs, which lets us produce a quality of clarity and excellent grain. Our timber is hand selected from the forest by our highly skilled timber buyers, then processed on our state of the art sawmill to assure lumber quality meets our customers’ expectations. The lumber is hand graded and separated by grade value and length to help ensure log quality is producing valued lumber. The lumber is then Kiln dried using our unique drying process. This process allows Taylor Lumber to carefully select the lumber, resulting in distinct & quality flooring and lumber.
Taylor Lumber Inc, is a sawmill that specializes in Rift and Quartered lumber. This is a unique way of sawing that maximizes the yield of lumber with vertical grain. Vertical grain is desired because of its excellent technical properties. Rift and Quartered lumber expands evenly and vertically which makes it more stable than plain sawn lumber. Vertical grain increases the structural integrity of the wood. 
Quarter sawing produces "flake" or "mirrors" on the face of the lumber. These are shiny streaks that are produced when a medullary ray is "split". Some species have a more pronounced flake than others. For example: Quartered White Oak often has large golden stripes, where as quartered Hard Maple has small shards of flake. Rift Lumber retains the technical advantages of a vertical grain - without flakes - giving the wood a very ordered and uniform appearance.
Solid hardwood lumber and flooring are offered in the following species: Ash, Cherry, Walnut, White Oak and Red Oak where you can assure excellent clarity and grain.
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